Fresh Produce

There’s no substitute for freshness

As a fresh produce grower, distributor or retailer, you need a customised refrigeration system to perfectly suit your produce type, process stage and packaging.

At Bonney, we design refrigeration systems that achieve a fine balance of temperature and humidity to help you sell more quality produce.  

We also know that when fruit, vegetables and flowers are cooled down quickly with high humidity cooling systems, product quality, appearance and shelf life will be improved – and weight loss will be greatly reduced.

We design, install and service the full range of fresh produce refrigeration systems, including:

  • Vacuum coolers
  • Hydro coolers
  • Ripening rooms
  • Controlled environments
  • Cool rooms
  • Ultra high humidity refrigeration
  • Forced air coolers
  • Pressure coolers
  • Long-term storage
  • Ice makers
  • Pre coolers
  • Rapid/fast cooling
  • Cold storage

Let us design, install and service a superior refrigeration system for your fresh produce business that won’t let you down. Contact Bonney today or call us on 03 9746 7616.

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We have had issues and breakdowns with our refrigeration over the years. But since switching to Bonney Refrigeration for our refrigeration needs, their proactive preventative maintenance has made a huge impact resulting in our refrigeration systems being highly reliable, efficient and much more cost-effective. Bonney Refrigeration’s commitment to quality and professionalism in their design and installations is second to none.

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